Sunday, February 22, 2009

Island Living

Last Friday I noticed, briefly, that my parents were nowhere to be seen. However, I had captured the attention of 3 Grandparents, and haven't let it go since. I am told that my temporarily roaming parents will be home soon, and I thought it would be a neat trick if I could start walking by myself as a coming home surprise for them.
In fact, last week in an attempt to have better access to dishes, I climbed onto the dishwasher door when no one was looking. (I'm fairly certain that if I could get everyone to look away for an extended minute or two, I could blanket the entire city with a fine layer of cheerio dust.)
On the last day I was with my parents, we had a lovely breakfast in Vancouver with a recent house guest. Simon (who is my friend Henry's Dad), is the silliest German mock-turtleneck salesmen I had ever met.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Toys and Fun Times

I got this toy today from Commercial Drive (where I go when I feel extra hip... or Italian... or both I suppose). It's pretty incredible - quite a bit better than the Chairman Mao toy my Dad brought back from China (I'll post that link when he gets his pictures up).
Recently, I've discovered a new game called Runaway. In a nutshell, I act pretty casual while a wet diaper comes off getting ready for bed (like I'm doing a complex math problem in my head), and the second the parent turns to put it somewhere, I'm off like a streaker in a convent. Naked. That's right - it's awesome. Plus, if you get away and have a few brief moments to yourself, you have full access to your boys. Anyway, I highly recommend it.
Before I forget, it was my 9 month birthday the other day - pulling into the 4th quarter now.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Pinch Punch, first day of the month! Here are some photos from the rest of January. It seems I did an awful lot of eating throughout January. Hibernating tendencies I suppose - nature - nothing I can do about it. That's probably why I'm 28.5 cms now.