Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 in Full Swing

Well, we sure got back into the swing of things since our lazy days of Christmas. We're back with Coach Glyn for Saturday Soccer - after which I usually get a mini red velvet cupcake. (Dad gets one too, but Mum and Ollie are none the wiser... until we get home and I tell them... in a loud voice.) Dad and I are back at Tuesday night swimming, or what I like to call whhimming - after which we're back to La Taqueria.

I recently went with my friends The Three Amigo Sisters to a place where they let us build our own piggy banks, that looked nothing like pigs or banks, and rather like poorly lit houses. Think real nails, hammers, screws and wood... it was awesome.

On Sunday night I went to the Women's Final Soccer game at 'The New Stadium!' with my friends Jasper and Max which was very exciting. And I've already been sledding twice this month!
Hope to see you soon!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Victoria Christmas '11 - 'I didn't do anything'

We're getting ready to leave Victoria today - I think we've been here for about a month, or a year it's hard to tell for sure. I've had the best time! We had a great Christmas and saw lots of old friends and relatives. I've seen lots of wildlife, done some hikes, played some soccer games, eaten ribs, bought sneakers, played with my new chainsaw (thanks Grandpa), driven cars, and learned ping pong.

One thing I've picked up this week is a useful phrase... I didn't do anything. It comes in handy whether you've done anything or not, but can also be used in advance. The response I most commonly receive is Oh really? which makes me think I'm really on to something.

One thing I did do this week, was make my brother Ollie laugh like he's never done before. He probably told you that he's taught himself to roll over, but now he can really chuckle - I'm sure he'll be able to play soccer in about 3 days.