Friday, December 24, 2010

'The Big Day' Eve

Well, it's certainly a festive time of year. I kind of remember past Christmases, but I feel much more prepared for this one. I'm ready. It's go time. Let's do this. (Cue any track by 2Unlimited.)
I went to a Christmas party with my Dad last week, loads of adults (yawn), but I met a super cool girl named Charlotte. She taught me how to do jumping jacks, and she made up a cool song called 'two and a half'. It was pretty awesome!
Hopefully I'll see you over the Holidays, but if I don't, have the best Christmas ever! Goodness knows you deserve it.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

BBall, Man time and Birthdays...

Days keep passing and I keep growing - sure physically, but I would suggest there are greater changes happening emotionally, mentally and maybe ideologically? Few of these things can I get through with such limited space, but again... the highlights. It was my mum's birthday a couple of weeks back, and I was front and centre - partly because the camera's kind to me, but also because it was my 2.5 year birthday not too long ago.

Last Saturday we went to a basketball game at SFU with some friends. Mum and I went to sit on what's called 'the floor', even though we still had to sit in seats. We had a wonderful time, and the home team won!

In the photo above, that man in the red suit isn't Santa Claus, but the new coach of SFU (that, or Santa Claus is moonlighting). Apparently we've got an 'in' with him, which got everybody fancy seats, food and drink. I'm hoping next time, he might sub me in.

My mum just got back from a work trip to Salt Lake City. She was gone for 4 days. In that time there was much learning happening - I tried to be gentle, and I think my Dad really picked up a few good lessons. He can be pretty stubborn but we connected and worked well as a team. Having said that... Mum's Back!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Remembering Snow...

I have seen snow before. It was maybe a year ago, and I realize now I didn't give it the credit it deserves. Last Thursday we watched some well spaced planes fly overhead and heard some guns fire in the distance - apparently it happens every year.

We then went over and had lunch at an old stomping ground of ours... Savary Island Pie Co. Once we finished, we hopped into the Family Racing Car and headed up the mountain.

I barely stayed awake on the drive up Cypress, but once we got there, I turned it on. Snow seems to be the one thing that I'm actually encouraged to throw at other people. It's hilarious - I could do it all day, no question.

On a side note, my Dad was telling me that today is 15 years since he and my Mum went on their first date. 15 years ago today, there were a couple of kids sitting on a beach with a thermos of hot chocolate... snowless (although it was raining).

I'm not surprised hot chocolate was on the scene - that stuff's amazing.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Soccer, Swimming and FireFighting...

Now that we've settled back in to domestic regularity, I've started a few new things. I recently began taking swimming lessons, mainly so I can drop the 'JR' from my previous appointment (that seems a long time ago now). I also started mini soccer on Saturday mornings with my Dad (something tells me we'll be on time for those).

Last weekend I was able to don a proper Fire Fighter's uniform. I went from house to house, checking to make sure none of them had fires in them, and as a thoughtful, thankful gesture, the owners of the houses gave me a little treat (which I promptly deposited into my mouth). Seemed like a pretty fair exchange to me.

Sidenote: This is being considered for the album cover of my upcoming single, covering the popular hit of the early 90s... For Real.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Paris.... check.

We've had a lovely time in London, filled with new family & friends, football, food and fun - we even had a Dexter cameo. We've now made our way over to Paris on something called the Eurostar, which Dad tells me they reserve for European Pop Singers.

As soon as we got off the train, I could feel the culture and fashion, and felt I had to add a little attitude and style to my already overwhelmingly impressive self. So I got myself a backpack, some new trousers (complete with suspenders or 'braces'), learned a few new French words and accepted compliments from strangers.
I think the next time I cross the channel, I may just come on my own.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

London: Go Go Go...

Wow. I thought I moved fast, this place is very speedy. We've been taking these trains a fair bit, so I'm pretty sure I could drive one now. Doesn't seem that hard.

We've been doing the usual. Ice Cream with Flake bars, crisps, milk, soccer, museums....
Boy, that Tate Modern was big - you could probably park a fire engine in there. But talk about big... there was a whale hanging out in the British Museum.
Whales are BIG!! (Not very talkative though.)

Off to bed now for me. My Dad is coming in the morning!! He's probably on a plane right now.

Oh, and I met someone...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Umm... Airplanes!

Earlier today (tomorrow? yesterday?) we headed to the airport in Vancouver to get on an Airplane that'll take us to London! My Dad dropped us off and helped us with the luggage and the gate hunting (he's going to come later and meet us there).

Get ready, because I'm pretty sure my next update will be in a different accent (after crisps and a pint of milk).

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Not too long ago, some of us went to Salt Spring Island for a weekend. It was lovely: The market, the nature, the hippies... It was there that my Mum and Dad's Mums bought me my very first personally-sized, professional broom. Of course, kids love to sweep - but for those of you who know me, I take sweeping very seriously, and I love this serious broom. If you don't have something you love as much as I love this broom, look into it.

We also went on an hour plus fishing excursion. That was fun (mostly). Sidenote: Fishing and brooms do not go well together. We all survived (including the fish).

Lastly, we visited our old home recently. It looked better than when we were there (don't tell the parents I said that). I didn't have my broom with me at the time, but boy did I charge up and down that hallway.
Sidenote 2: Congratulations Liam, and Hello Olive!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Just a quick update to let you know that I'm still working on my game. There can be a fair amount of temptation when you're in your late 1s and you've got a solid kick, to lay back and ride that kind of accomplishment. Approaching my mid-2s that's not going to cut it anymore.
A few days ago, with the help of some gruelling drills, I got a better handle on dribbling (it has a heavy emphasis on moving and running which are two of my favourite things).

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Big Wheel...

Last weekend, I was in Victoria where I did the usual amount of eating, entertaining and constant calorie burning. All in all, it was a pretty familiar weekend, until we found an old Big Wheel. I didn't even have time to check if all the parts were secure before I started barreling down the hill - this was an urgent matter as you will briefly see in my new DubJam video (better with sound)...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Warriors

Man! More and more it seems like weekends are the pivotal period of the week. Loads of people, lots of food, lots of action, Coventry victories, family and fun, and often... next-level 'cool new move' development.
Last Sunday we went back to GoFish for lunch (a recent regular for Saturday dinner), with my friend Chloe. The wait for food can be a bit much, but it gave us ample time to work on some of our new coastline dance moves and hand gestures.
Recently, we've been eating outside more. We used to only do this on weekends, but with the weather being so cooperative we've started to slide rooftop dinners into the odd weekday as well.
Lastly, yesterday morning was the first time I had watched more than 3 minutes of soccer with my Dad (don't get me wrong, I like soccer, but seriously... take longer to score a goal). We came down at 6:45am, got our milk and got settled, and I lasted until about 7:40.

My Dad told me he'd waited over 2 years for a morning like that.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Zip Zip Zip Zip...

Wow, did my Dad ever pick a bad time to be out of town. When I woke up this morning, I had no idea that a Zip Line was in my very near future. I just have one question... what's the record for number of times down a zip line in a row while laughing?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Watersliding Sundays with Strawberry

A large group of us went to the waterslides last Sunday. I had assumed that a waterslide park would be for children, but our group was 89% adults, with a strong, to pretty strong average household income.

Upon arrival, my Dad (excited) took me down a couple of slow kid slides, followed by a fast short one. Without getting into the details, I was pretty cool about having to inhale pool water, but that was my last slide and I sported a handsome, fitted life vest for the rest of the day.

After that, there was about 3 hours of running, soccer, watching my friends come firing out of water-filled tubes, and strawberry ice cream. The whole day was fun, but let's just say it was the Ice Cream that really put it over the top.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Communication is really important.

I love to garden. I especially love watering. I'm mum's head waterer. It helps me concentrate.
Speaking of good concentration...

I like short sentences. It's my choice communication. Four words usually suffice. They're direct and focused. Occasionally I'll hit five worders. But they're pretty indulgent. Nietzsche would certainly concur. I quote the [super]man...

"It is my ambitiontosayinfourwordsentenceswhatothersayinwholeparagraphs."

You should try it. Dad should try it! That guy can talk!
A new movement perhaps? Instead of Twitter,

Me in a windstorm.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer's Arrived!

The Sun has arrived! It's been quite a month since my last post and quite a World Cup! This is me watching while I nursed a large beverage.
Congratulations Spain! So exciting that a new country won this year.
Beyond the World Cup, these last few weeks have included a trip to Portland with the ladies, Mum and Miss Faye (who were congratulated there for having the courage to raise a child together, as it was during Portland's Pride). Then I did some nature/camping with Nanna & Grandpa and Mum in Parksville. And then my Dad got home from Africa. He had a great time and said he'd let me know when the pictures are up. He did show me one though... he tried to sneak this guy home for me he said, but apparently the little one's mum wasn't into it.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Commercial and The World Peace

Last weekend I went for a wander on Commercial Drive here in Vancouver. It was littered with Italians - more than usual. The combination of Commercial + Italian Day + World Cup Fever made it very festive.
My Dad's actually heading to South Africa soon (if you hadn't heard I'd be surprised - he hasn't stopped talking about it since February). I watched some of the opening match with him this morning in fact - under the agreement that at halftime we would be switching to 'Little Bear'.
I too will be doing some traveling soon. I'm off to Portland for the weekend with a couple of birds, and then over to Parksville to get with nature.
Anyway, enjoy The World Cup, and the world peace that so often comes with it, given that absolutely everyone takes time out to enjoy...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Birthday Photos...

In the interest of trying to get back in the habit of posting recent photos, here are a few from the Birthday Party. Thanks again to everyone for coming.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

2... When you're so important you can refer to yourself twice... II

Let me start off by saying two things, followed by about 5 others. Thank you to everyone who came to my 2nd Birthday Party, or sent greetings and gifts from afar - I can honestly say it was one of my top two birthdays of all time. I mean that.
Secondly, I'm sure this posting will be a little disappointing in terms of photographic content for some of you (although, I figure I've got a lifetime to impress you). I will share some of the wonderful pictures soon, that will prove it was a well attended affair.
Celebrating this birthday led me to revisit a similar festival about half a lifetime ago. Boy, I could tell that little guy a thing or two now...

I'd start by telling him to always buy balloons that are four times bigger than his head. I'd advise him to eat the icing off of as many cupcakes he can find in rapid succession. And that no matter how fast he runs, Daddy's probably still going to catch him...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dublin Eve & Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day everyone! In the words of one of my favourites... say hello to your Mother for me. I'm not sure if you've met my mum, but I'd be pretty confident putting her in a local Mother contest or arm wrestle. I'd put my Amma and Nanna in respective contests as well now that I think about it.
In case you haven't been reading the internet, it's my official birthday tomorrow. My party is later, but tomorrow is the day when I like to review my year. My guess is it will be quite the review.
My Dad called yesterday from Lima, we talked for a while and agreed he should probably be home for the big day, so he arrives at YVR at noon. I'm pretty excited. He said he was excited too. I may go to the airport early...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Approaching 2 Years Old... Social Calendar Heats Up!

Man oh man, what a busy weekend. I was on the go the whole time! (That's me on the right.)
By now, you'll most certainly be aware that I made a surprise appearance in the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. That was something. I was contender number 17 and finished a respectable 7th place - if you watch the replay, you'll note that I was as close as 5th near the end.
Let me explain to you why I was probably too tired to be competing at such an occasion:
  • On Thursday I hosted my buddy Max for the afternoon and dinner - ended in horseplay
  • On Friday I hosted Egga for pizza and a few games of Hysterics™
  • On Saturday I had an intense lunch with Newman
  • Later that day, I had a delightful dinner for two with Isabella - a lady friend
This will all climax with my insane birthday party that I'm hoping will bring the house down - now, how to get the parents out of the house...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Got Yer Nose & Record Store Day

I was enjoying the sun and having some tea with the lads at Arbutus Market Cafe on Sunday afternoon when I spotted a four legged friend at the next table. I felt the most appropriate form of introduction would be by way of a little game I like to call Got Yer Nose.
It seemed to go quite well, although he wasn't fooled. I discovered through further conversation that his name was in fact George.

While I've got you, I want to remind/inform you of Annual Record Store Day this coming Saturday, April 17th. Most of your nearby independent record stores will have promotions & a lively atmosphere, and will be delighted to see your smiling face. I'll be showing mine at Zulu... I might even see if George wants to come.