Sunday, September 30, 2012

Flying into Fall

Well, it's been seven weeks since my last confession. As a courtesy I'll tell you that the most important update is that my brother Ollie turned one year old a couple of weeks ago. He's got multiple chicklets in his mouth and is getting to a size where we actually have a good time playing together. Put it this way, he laughs at all my jokes. 

I'm now a senior at my school, and have started swimming classes again (5th set). I've also joined a proper soccer team in the shape of Vancouver United... I'm kind of thinking it's where Wayne Rooney started. For real. Anyway, it's a new set up for me, but I have a pair of friends on my team and I score the odd goal (with either foot).
I've been to a couple more Whitecaps games with my Dad (and his friends) and now sing most of the songs, and we even went to Seattle to see the caps play. 'We're Blue! We're White! We're super dynamite!
I already know what I'm going as for Halloween, I'm trying to master my printing at school, and I have now entered the 'posters on my bedroom wall' phase. Lastly, we bought a new couch (but still no race car).