Friday, December 24, 2010

'The Big Day' Eve

Well, it's certainly a festive time of year. I kind of remember past Christmases, but I feel much more prepared for this one. I'm ready. It's go time. Let's do this. (Cue any track by 2Unlimited.)
I went to a Christmas party with my Dad last week, loads of adults (yawn), but I met a super cool girl named Charlotte. She taught me how to do jumping jacks, and she made up a cool song called 'two and a half'. It was pretty awesome!
Hopefully I'll see you over the Holidays, but if I don't, have the best Christmas ever! Goodness knows you deserve it.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

BBall, Man time and Birthdays...

Days keep passing and I keep growing - sure physically, but I would suggest there are greater changes happening emotionally, mentally and maybe ideologically? Few of these things can I get through with such limited space, but again... the highlights. It was my mum's birthday a couple of weeks back, and I was front and centre - partly because the camera's kind to me, but also because it was my 2.5 year birthday not too long ago.

Last Saturday we went to a basketball game at SFU with some friends. Mum and I went to sit on what's called 'the floor', even though we still had to sit in seats. We had a wonderful time, and the home team won!

In the photo above, that man in the red suit isn't Santa Claus, but the new coach of SFU (that, or Santa Claus is moonlighting). Apparently we've got an 'in' with him, which got everybody fancy seats, food and drink. I'm hoping next time, he might sub me in.

My mum just got back from a work trip to Salt Lake City. She was gone for 4 days. In that time there was much learning happening - I tried to be gentle, and I think my Dad really picked up a few good lessons. He can be pretty stubborn but we connected and worked well as a team. Having said that... Mum's Back!