Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Glorious Food

Like it or not, I pretty much eat what you eat now. That's right... the milk I drink these days is of the cow variety (as strange as that sounds). I'd have to say the transition began months ago when a certain cousin of mine irresponsibly put a finger of whipped cream in my mouth, and I thought Yep, food is going to get good.
I eat cherries like nobody's business. While I was at my friend Joanna's birthday party on the weekend I ate sushi (followed by my very popular Ice Ice Baby performance). And I now eat whole apples by myself - not that it does any good, as the Doc gave me three more shots this week.
Two weeks ago I even ate a Quesadilla (which, I learned, is not a dinosaur) at this wonderful place called BabyEats, with Quinn and Sophie. It's a lovely place to share time with friends. I even found a moment to teach Sophie about the benefits of property ownership.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sunny Days

It looks like summer has finally arrived. I remember last summer like it was a million years ago so it's nice to have the pantless days again (although I can't help noticing I don't get much company in that particular fashion movement).
I hung out with my good friend Quinn the other day, which was lovely (brought the parents along so they could entertain each other). He taught me that all good lawnmowers blow bubbles.
Earlier that day we went to ThomasHaas - you might say that Thomas Haas some of the tastiest croissants around (okay, okay enough...).
In closing, I would like to know who has been planting Gigantic Teeth seeds in my gums recently. Seriously, if I chose to harvest these ones I could key a piano.