Wednesday, July 23, 2008

South of France - Weeks 9 & 10 Photography

(Please forgive me if my new accent is a little hard to understand - I'm told it will wear off.)
First off, I think I've got planes figured out. From what I can tell, everyone loads into this huge bus called a "plane" and sits there for hours and hours while outside, they redesign the surroundings, bring in extras who sound, act & look different and then quickly change the weather. Fewer changes... less time in the plane... got it.
France was just lovely. The first week was with 14 wonderful family members in a beautiful villa in Velleron - great weather, tasty food, loads of French people and good spirits. The second week was 7 of us in Nice and Villefranche. It was nice to be on the coast - great view, good coffee & pastries, very relaxing. And it was so great to be with Brad and Angie during their special time - quality people.
All in all I have to say, France is definitely one of my top two counties so far.


Anonymous said...

Dublin you are one beautiful baby boy. Thanks for the photos. We love them. Love Suze xo

Angela Dawn Earl said...

Dublin...looking forward to your next bus sitting when the redesign includes pacific ocean, mountains, and an extra like me! Sounds like you've had a wonderful trip! Ang:)