Sunday, August 10, 2008

"...go shawty, it's your birthday..."

That's right, today was my 3 month birthday (and yes, I listen to gangsta rap on occasion). Where does the time go? My Dad was gone for what seemed like an eternity (although, I admit at times I appreciated the break from his antics), but he brought me back this styling blue hat for my birthday so that's something. 
It seems that birthday or not, whenever I go a short time without seeing someone, our next meeting includes a present. If this ritual is common protocol, I would like to know the exact amount of time that is required to pass, in order to bring about such an offering. In addition, I would like to throw it out there that I'm looking for someone to help me develop a perfectly timed visitation schedule in order to maximize the benefit of this custom - any doubles I get are yours. 

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