Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Photography Week 22 (incl Whidbey Island)

I'm pretty sure my trip to The Bedford Farm was my first trek south of the border. From my brief visit I found it to be similar to this country, although I saw a tremendous amount of homes and cars built by either the Obama Company or the McCain Company. 
The farm was delightfully peaceful, and it was nice to get away for a break from the usual routine. I did come home with a cold though, which hasn't been great. I'll tell you the thing I've learned about colds: Fun to get, bad to have. I managed to garner this one by joining the gang on a bluff walk on Whidbey Island (barely on the island as you'll see). I had my eyes closed for the majority of it, but the sights that I did see were quite breathtaking.
Side note: I'm working on bringing out the top two teeth at the moment - I figure once those two are in, I should be done.

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