Sunday, May 3, 2009

Grow up, not old

Beaucoup Birthdays this month - lots of family and friends are growing another year older. I hope you all enjoy your festivities. Funny you should mention Birthdays as mine is a week away - the Big 1, or 'I' as the Romans say. 
It seems to me that age is based loosely on the passage of time, which is fine - but I was wondering if it shouldn't be based purely on experience. If we went with this new groundbreaking concept of age, I feel that I might have a case for something a little more impressive than one. 
I mean I do dishwashers, I'm becoming a fairly accomplished vacuumanator, and I'm quite a particular decorator.
I've faced some pretty tough critics in my time, and I've even been known to chow down on Organic unsalted churned butter... package and all.
To all of you who are amazed that I'm going to be turning one already, I say Believe it - it's happening. In fact, if we can reexamine the concept of age, I might even be two!

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