Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Glorious Food

Like it or not, I pretty much eat what you eat now. That's right... the milk I drink these days is of the cow variety (as strange as that sounds). I'd have to say the transition began months ago when a certain cousin of mine irresponsibly put a finger of whipped cream in my mouth, and I thought Yep, food is going to get good.
I eat cherries like nobody's business. While I was at my friend Joanna's birthday party on the weekend I ate sushi (followed by my very popular Ice Ice Baby performance). And I now eat whole apples by myself - not that it does any good, as the Doc gave me three more shots this week.
Two weeks ago I even ate a Quesadilla (which, I learned, is not a dinosaur) at this wonderful place called BabyEats, with Quinn and Sophie. It's a lovely place to share time with friends. I even found a moment to teach Sophie about the benefits of property ownership.

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