Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Falling Behind

(I must apologize for my infrequency - there's no excuse. Although if there was one, it would be that my writing space seems to be the only place in our new home that has not been set up.)
Fall officially arrived today according to the weather - it celebrated by dropping an ocean of water from the heavens. That didn't stop my Mum and me though. We were all over town today, taking care of business mostly. But as per usual we said good day to the day, and good evening to the evening with a good read.
My Mum and I actually spend quite a bit of time together. Sometimes with my Dad unless he's busy working, sleeping or not shaving. Like most people, I also enjoy my alone time. I clear my head by running in predictably random directions, working on one of my friend's bikes or with a good yell.
Speaking of all things motor, we almost collided with the Dalai Lama's motorcade this morning. Now, I don't want to make any assumptions, but in the brief moment of chaos when our eyes met, I kind of think he might have been letting me know that a certain someone might be a frontrunner as a certain someone's successor. I'll say no more (which is a total Dalai Lama thing to say).
Off to another productive sleep for me. As his Holiness says Sleep is the best Meditation.

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