Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monkey Business or an Animal Farm?

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween. I spent the evening at Eric and Faye's place - it was a lovely gathering of familiar faces. I had been up very early that morning putting the finishing touches on my costume (that's right - that's me with my mum and dad).
As I was demonstrating to my dad the many different moves monkeys are known for, we got to talking about how good I've gotten with animals both real and fictitious. Then I was thinking about how a few Dublog Followers have been quite vocal with me about the reduced photo collection on the site. While I'm working on that, here are a few recent wildlife shots (animals may be larger than they appear).
Some tough love with my trusty mouse.

Hand delivered traditional Elephant riding dress straight from the Orient via my big uncle Pete.

No doubt we all have the occasional tough battle in our day to day - this particular day, my battle was with a huge man eating jungle cat. But sometimes all you need is love... (Seriously though, you need to mean it and commit, otherwise those things will smell your fear, and they can rip your head clean off.)

Choose Love.

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