Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Warriors

Man! More and more it seems like weekends are the pivotal period of the week. Loads of people, lots of food, lots of action, Coventry victories, family and fun, and often... next-level 'cool new move' development.
Last Sunday we went back to GoFish for lunch (a recent regular for Saturday dinner), with my friend Chloe. The wait for food can be a bit much, but it gave us ample time to work on some of our new coastline dance moves and hand gestures.
Recently, we've been eating outside more. We used to only do this on weekends, but with the weather being so cooperative we've started to slide rooftop dinners into the odd weekday as well.
Lastly, yesterday morning was the first time I had watched more than 3 minutes of soccer with my Dad (don't get me wrong, I like soccer, but seriously... take longer to score a goal). We came down at 6:45am, got our milk and got settled, and I lasted until about 7:40.

My Dad told me he'd waited over 2 years for a morning like that.

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