Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gettin' Schooled...

Much has happened since my last entry. My birthday party was a blast: bouncy castle, sandbox, friends and unbridled excitement. Thanks to everyone who made it! Needless to say, I crashed earlier than usual that evening - it was like a crime scene.

Of course with a new age comes new experiences, and yesterday was my first day of Montessori Pre-School! (I was going to take my briefcase, but went with my new frog backpack instead - turned out to be a good call.)

We set out for the long journey kitty corner from our house just before 0900 hours. It's so great over there. So much to do, really nice people and great activities. I started the day with a little Science just to let the locals know.

As we're talking about learning, I asked my Dad what asshole meant the other day. We were driving back from soccer practice and Dad complimented another driver by saying nice work asshole. I didn't get a straight answer but I think it must have been the man's name, or maybe it means good guy or something. We didn't dwell on it anyway.

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