Friday, July 22, 2011

Parksville Paddle

Hope everyone is having a lovely, lazy summer. We went to Parksville (Vancouver Island) last week, which was loads of fun. Late night partying, musical beds, waterparks, it had all the ingredients.

My Nanna and Grandpa brought their 5th Wheel (poorly named with 4 wheels) which made for a more comfortable excursion than last year’s “Cold Camping Hornby”, and we were right on the water. I peacefully sat and watched older boys do tricks on BMXs at the skate park for long periods of time… I think I’m starting to learn the real concept of ‘Cool’.

My Dad tried paddle surfing a couple of times, and at one point we took to the water together (don’t be alarmed at the lack of life jackets, the water is about 2 feet deep for about a mile).

Parksville certainly got my vote, and I’m sure we’ll be back. Coming up… Qualicum!

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