Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So we're in to 'any day now' territory as I'm told. Any day now, and I'm going to be a big brother and meet my new baby brother. It's kind of exciting, but also, I recently had my face painted which, needless to say, is immediately exciting. One thing I'm looking forward to is all the hip hop talk we'll be able to throw around (sup brother?) - I sure hope he likes hip hop talk. Also, I'll get to teach him stuff and get him to do stuff for me - it's going to be pretty cool.

People have asked me... 'hey Dublin, will your little brother have a blog of his own like you?' I always tell them that I'm a pretty special breed and it would be unfair to have the same expectations for other babies as people do for me. Truth is, I'm not sure - but if he does, I might read a bit of it.

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