Monday, February 27, 2012

First Time Snowshoeing!

So add Snowshoeing to my list of accomplishments! The Saturday before last, there was no soccer school (for no known reason), and my Dad and I decided to take that opportunity to drive up Cypress and try Snowshoeing!

It was the perfect day for it - there was so much new snow! We got all our gear on, learned how to put our new big shoes on, and went for it. We hiked all 950m of the Hollyburn Meadows trail to the Hollyburn Lodge. That was where I developed a new love of poutine. We rested for a bit, and visited with some people, and then headed back into the whiteout.

The woman who helped us with our snowshoes at the beginning told my Dad that kids very rarely make it back with their snowshoes still on, but I powered through and did the whole 950m back as well. We were gone so long that Mum had started to worry, but we still had time to stop for another new treat on the way home at a place called Pinkberry (we brought her some home)(but none for Ollie).

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