Sunday, April 29, 2012

April Activities

April has been a busy month. Not because I had to do my taxes or start Spring cleaning, but for other reasons... but it's starting to dawn on me that life is busy, and if life is always busy, then it hardly seems worthy of mention. So not having to state it should cut down my writing time, and your reading time, allowing you to look at some pictures with short captions...

The Easter Hunt in Victoria was terrific!
This is me after having a quick dinner at Kits Beach with my Dad.
This is my grumpy look.
This is the opposite of my grumpy look. Slade let my Dad and I drive
the three wheeler on Whidbey Island!
This was our very recent Spring Concert at school - most of our songs
have fairly complex hand gestures.
This was at the New Stadium (BC Place) when they had an open house
a couple of days ago hosted by the Whitecaps and the BC Lions.
I hope this finds you all well, and I truly hope to see you very soon (especially you).

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