Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

What a Season! What a Month! What a Year! 
After weeks and weeks of practice, our school concert went off without a hitch!

I kept up with my colouring and completed a ton of Christmas crafts with Mum for Christmas presents.

I even learnt how to dance slide, which has been great for guests and general home based performances.

And speaking of sliding a bunch of us went ice skating before Christmas! This here is what we call The Bailey Train! (They didn't have skates small enough for Ollie.)

We had Christmas in Victoria again - it seems the days of Christmas in warm climates are gone - although it's probably easier for Santa to get to our colder climates. We went over to Victoria in Jer's Christmas Car which was decorated with lights, bows and a red nose.

I trust you all had a wonderful December and Christmas. Ollie and I were pretty impressed with Santa's visit - I had to explain it to Ollie a bit, but I'm pretty sure he got it. Most importantly... I got a new bike! With hand breaks and SEVEN Gears! Just like my Dad's!

We've had a great time this Christmas, although I'm kind of looking forward to getting back to school. Just a couple more days of holiday left, but we're using it wisely. After a slow start, we got up to Seymour Mountain today which was awesome. That's me in the picture... last one off the sled hills. 

Anyway, thanks for a great year, I'm off to bed to get as much rest as I can for 2013!

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