Thursday, February 28, 2013

Get ready for Spring 2013!

How exciting is it now that it's light when we wake up and almost stays light until bedtime!? As much as I like a good cartoon, I'm excited about more outside time and warmer weather. March is right around the corner, but February was awesome. Who doesn't like Valentines day? And Ollie and I had Nanna and Grandpa all to ourselves while Mum and Dad went away.

I'm starting to really get a handle on LEGO - I just can't imagine a life without it. My parents are pretty good, but I might be the best in the world at it now. Our Vancouver United Season is coming to an end this weekend, just as the Whitecaps Season kicks off, but there will be some camps in the Spring and Summer to be sure.

We've started really exercising the gears on the bike I got for Christmas (4th is my favourite). Dad says we're going to ride through Pacific Rim Park (Endowment Lands) a few times a month now. It's awesome in there - plus I have new riding gloves (only for riding).

And, in case you guys don't recognize me, this is how I look after my haircut at VICTORY Barbers.

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