Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer 2013 so far...

I just don't know what to tell you... I took some time off. I find unplugging every once and a while really clears the head, especially when the weather's awesome. Also, I'm a lot busier now that I'm five... it's a lot of responsibility. As a result, I've let my update responsibilities slide a bit, but I'll try and cover the main points (in little more than points and pics).
I finished Montessori and am set to head to Kindergarten at General Gordon Elementary in September!
Here's me walking to my last day, and at my graduation...

My Grandma got married which was great fun. I wore a bow tie and a classy shirt.
We had the best Canada Day Weekend! We went to Deep Cove, and had a Barbecue, went to a bunch of beaches, and hung out with family. 

Lastly, we just spent a week in Parksville. I rode my bike every chance I got, and Ollie learned to ride the scooter so we tore it up! I even made some new friends who taught me how to play BINGO.
I could show you more pictures of all those things, except I don't take a lot of pictures. What I do a great job of is loving life, and helping my brother whenever he needs it. It's like we're the Next Generation without the Pepsi.

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