Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Photography Weeks 27 - 29

As we have a fair amount of pictures to get through I thought I'd try and keep you busy in time with the slideshow. 
Hi there, just chilling on the couch - nice to see you. 
Here I am playing with my buddy Jasper - man, that guy knows some cool stuff. I just try and take it all in as best I can. Charlie Brown Piano, what? My Grandad needs to teach me how to play this thing.
My mum, having lunch on her birthday. Who's birthday, you ask? MY MUM'S!!
Water? Yes please pretty lady. 
So these are what babysitters look like, eh? 
That's my mum. That's my mum.
"Highchair Musical 3" auditions - joy... and... drama.
Hmmm, what would happen if I used my powers for both good and evil?
Me again. Lion impression - Roar!
That's my Dad.
There's a guy hanging out in the woods in Snowman pajamas.
That's right - sometimes I like to comb my hair.

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