Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mum's Birthday

Yesterday was my Mum's birthday (I'm not sure if you all know my mum, but if you and I have hung out before, she's usually pretty close by). She seemed thoroughly excited about her approaching big day - she's been telling me about it for ages.
I decided that it's nice when people have special days - it got me to thinking about how special I think my mum is:
  • She feeds me all sorts of healthy foods throughout the day, so I can probably thank her for my dominating size and fitness.
  • We have the best conversations (sometimes even about secret stuff that I can't tell you), and she's always reading, singing and teaching me things (like how her hair isn't to be used as a handle). Although, she seems obsessed with repeating 'ma' to me, slower and more pronounced each time - a little annoying to be honest.
  • She's happy to come by in the middle of the night, if I feel like having a chat.
  • Without getting too over the top, she's a very good snuggler.
Mum, if you're reading this, I want to say the biggest birthday thank you for all your endless love and patience. Without you I probably would have joined the circus by now, what with my incredible faux crawl/push around ninja tricks and killer teeth.
I love hanging out with you. You taught me to smile.

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