Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back in my Crib

I will start by sending out a big Thank You to the trio that kept me company at the end of February while my parents were away. And thanks again for the MusicalJungle. I'm telling ya - the fun that thing brings - it never ends.
Back home now with the 'rents - I have to say, it was kinda nice to get a little break from them - I mean it's all the time with those two. They did bring me back some nice things though - including a few pairs of multi-coloured socks that say New York on them. I'm thinking Hellow? Of cowse they're new - who wonts old socks!?
Latest thing with me is that I've started signing - my parents go crazy for it (it's so easy). Every now and then I like to see them lose it - I start with a sign, lead that into some steady clapping, distract them with some word-like gurgling and then knock 'em down with unassisted standing for 5 seconds. (It's almost embarrassing.)

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