Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top o' the mornin' to ya!

Well, apparently today was a pretty big day for Dublins everywhere. As usual, I spent the day roaming around the city introducing myself to people - they couldn't believe it when I told them my name. Several people offered to buy me a drink, but I told them that was a ridiculous offer as I have an unlimited supply. (I'm told that I'll appreciate the offer later on.)
Earlier in the week I went to my buddy Jasper's 2nd Birthday Party (that's me in the 'Liverpool 4 - 1 ManUtd' jersey). If all 2nd Birthday Parties are like this, I need to keep making friends with anyone in the 0 - 23 month old window. Hosts put out an impressive spread and let you have'at'er, they add whipped cream to yogurt (!), and give you bags of goodies when you leave. I gotta tell you, that sounds like a party for Dublin to me.

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