Sunday, July 5, 2009

Carry on Camping

Last week a few of us went camping at BradsDadsLand Campsite on Hornby Island. Boy was that a fun time - although I have to admit, I was relieved when I learned we hadn't moved into the wilderness for good.
When camping, you do many things differently: you wake up super early to some sort of crow/rooster soundtrack, you spend 100% of the time outdoors - usually running, and you're allowed to do pretty much anything you want with dirt, sand and rocks.
One of the highlights had to be renting that catamaran and sailing around to a private bay (it was a shame that T-Pain wasn't able to make it).
Halfway through the trip, my friend Quinn and his parents arrived at the campsite next door which was a great surprise. It's always nice when an old friend comes around - someone you can chat with and relate to.
On our last full day we celebrated Canada Day and my friend Eric's Birthday with some live music, good food, contained mischief and a fair number of hippies (which I learned is one of the side effects of camping). All in all, a lovely jaunt in the wilderness.

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