Sunday, January 24, 2010

Airplanes and PeenaCoolAhDaz...

Wow, it has been ages since my last update. I must remember how important it is for me to be frequent - since my last post, 5% of my life has happened. (Not to be a downer, but on average, only about .19% of my reader's lives have gone by based on demographic averages.)
It's fair to say that it was 5% well spent. Christmas was rad as I made sure to take my time to savour every unwrapping. I was in Victoria, and partook in family, presents, especially late nights and great food. A couple of days later we did one of my favourite things and hopped on an Airplane!!
We went to a place called KooWhy? (I don't know.) This place was awesome! In the backyard was the biggest bathtub I've ever seen. You can get loads of people in at once, although the water's significantly chillier. The island had waves, floating turtles, canyons, birds, Ice Cream, sand and PeenaCoolAhDaz!
In terms of vocabulary updates, please welcome spaghetti, scissors, xylophone, go, thank-you and party to the list. I'm a hair away from 3 feet tall and probably in the top 5 for running (both in terms of speed and accuracy). I'm serious, my progress is pro... don't blink.

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