Thursday, May 27, 2010

2... When you're so important you can refer to yourself twice... II

Let me start off by saying two things, followed by about 5 others. Thank you to everyone who came to my 2nd Birthday Party, or sent greetings and gifts from afar - I can honestly say it was one of my top two birthdays of all time. I mean that.
Secondly, I'm sure this posting will be a little disappointing in terms of photographic content for some of you (although, I figure I've got a lifetime to impress you). I will share some of the wonderful pictures soon, that will prove it was a well attended affair.
Celebrating this birthday led me to revisit a similar festival about half a lifetime ago. Boy, I could tell that little guy a thing or two now...

I'd start by telling him to always buy balloons that are four times bigger than his head. I'd advise him to eat the icing off of as many cupcakes he can find in rapid succession. And that no matter how fast he runs, Daddy's probably still going to catch him...

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