Monday, May 3, 2010

Approaching 2 Years Old... Social Calendar Heats Up!

Man oh man, what a busy weekend. I was on the go the whole time! (That's me on the right.)
By now, you'll most certainly be aware that I made a surprise appearance in the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. That was something. I was contender number 17 and finished a respectable 7th place - if you watch the replay, you'll note that I was as close as 5th near the end.
Let me explain to you why I was probably too tired to be competing at such an occasion:
  • On Thursday I hosted my buddy Max for the afternoon and dinner - ended in horseplay
  • On Friday I hosted Egga for pizza and a few games of Hysterics™
  • On Saturday I had an intense lunch with Newman
  • Later that day, I had a delightful dinner for two with Isabella - a lady friend
This will all climax with my insane birthday party that I'm hoping will bring the house down - now, how to get the parents out of the house...

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