Thursday, November 4, 2010

Soccer, Swimming and FireFighting...

Now that we've settled back in to domestic regularity, I've started a few new things. I recently began taking swimming lessons, mainly so I can drop the 'JR' from my previous appointment (that seems a long time ago now). I also started mini soccer on Saturday mornings with my Dad (something tells me we'll be on time for those).

Last weekend I was able to don a proper Fire Fighter's uniform. I went from house to house, checking to make sure none of them had fires in them, and as a thoughtful, thankful gesture, the owners of the houses gave me a little treat (which I promptly deposited into my mouth). Seemed like a pretty fair exchange to me.

Sidenote: This is being considered for the album cover of my upcoming single, covering the popular hit of the early 90s... For Real.


Unknown said...

It would be an honour to let you cover that tune, young Dublin.

Leah Doornbos said...

I think it is so great that we get to see him grow up like this. To bad we are so far away, He is becoming such a young man. Have fun!