Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Remembering Snow...

I have seen snow before. It was maybe a year ago, and I realize now I didn't give it the credit it deserves. Last Thursday we watched some well spaced planes fly overhead and heard some guns fire in the distance - apparently it happens every year.

We then went over and had lunch at an old stomping ground of ours... Savary Island Pie Co. Once we finished, we hopped into the Family Racing Car and headed up the mountain.

I barely stayed awake on the drive up Cypress, but once we got there, I turned it on. Snow seems to be the one thing that I'm actually encouraged to throw at other people. It's hilarious - I could do it all day, no question.

On a side note, my Dad was telling me that today is 15 years since he and my Mum went on their first date. 15 years ago today, there were a couple of kids sitting on a beach with a thermos of hot chocolate... snowless (although it was raining).

I'm not surprised hot chocolate was on the scene - that stuff's amazing.

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