Monday, January 24, 2011


I hope everyone is enjoying their January. Even if you're finding it a little cold, or wet, I say embrace it. It's going to be spring before you know it and then summer, and then you won't be able to wear that coat you love, or the cool boots you just got, or the jacket with the hood. And while we're on fashion, I'm here to tell you stripes are still in. If you're wondering how I know... "I just know these things." Stripes are so in, that although we got back months ago, I'm actually still acting a little French (eating croissants with a touch of misunderstood attitude).

We were even a little embarrassed at the last SFU game we went to - I had to roll my eyes when mum took her sweater off. Some wiseguy asked if we were related.

Speaking of relations, I recently got word that I have a new cousin! Helloooo Sabine! And well done Dave and Gin. We look forward to meeting you soon. (We'll probably be matching.)

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Agustin Gonzalez Deregibus said...

Tears falling down my chiks, how im missing that dublin rain :(