Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Gym

Once a week I go to gymnastics with some next door neighbour friends - or what our gang refers to as The Gym. We make it a regular Monday morning routine - it really starts our week off right before getting bogged down with the day to day.

This sort of training helps me run faster, jump higher, and encourages new dance moves that I'd previously not even thought of.

I've also been doing soccer camp since November, and I'm seeing some serious improvement (I know, right?). I'll try and get some photos, but cameras are frowned upon as they distract the athletes.

We recently had a family flu which was no fun at all, and caused the three of us to point responsibility-fingers at each other (which gets ugly). But it sure made me appreciate my health once I was all better. Health! "That's what I'm talking about!"

Sidenote: Please forgive me if you see doubles of posts sometimes - I've been having some technical difficulties and apparently I don't control the Internet (which is more than a little annoying).

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