Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Indiana Visit

We had a great time in Indiana! Right off the bat we got picked up in a Limousine by a guy named Jerry (stage name probably). We drove all the way to Bloomington where we were dropped off at our new temporary home - a delightful Bed & Breakfast (there was a bathroom aswell).

Then we went to see Granddad play the piano with a trio before dinner. It was nice and loud, and there were drums. This was the first time I'd seen Granddad play - he was pretty good for a guy who just started.

A couple of days later I was invited to walk the prestigious campus of Indiana University. It was huge - and I walked it all. They were nice enough to give me the run of the place for a couple of hours and I could tell I was getting smarter, more quickly than normal.

On my walk, I discovered a tree that grew shoes! I know right? Madness. You have to see it to believe it. We examined and discussed that tree for a lengthy period of time as you can imagine.

The next day, my Dad and I did a few duets on the old ivories. As you know, I don't like to blow my own horn, but we got pretty good. This piano was also loud. I'm starting to like pianos.

On the last day, I retired for the evening on my claimed bed, organized these photos, researched some new jazz songs for Granddad and watched an episode of Curious George. It was a pretty quick trip, but we had a great time!

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