Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Doing it...

I'll be honest, I like good food. I like Greek yogurt (including the calories), cereal in whole milk, oranges, and any variety of delicious popsicles. And it stands, that to enjoy the rewards (food), sometimes you have to do the work (shop).

Now, I'm not a certified philosopher, but I'll tell you, I'm starting to find that sometimes the work is the reward. Take grocery shopping - in some ways that's the chore, but I have to say, I often enjoy the chore. What's not to like? People, colours, food, action... Or if I could be so bold, how about peeing? Sure, I get a delicious candy (that's actually a vitamin - my parents think they're so clever), if I pee in the toilet - but I like peeing in the toilet. Again, what's not to like?

I digress... I just wanted to remind us that sometimes we forget to take pleasure in the day to day things. Sometimes they're the best part of my day.

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