Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just one more thing...

Here we are at Halloween again. This year I have been making appearances as Spiderman, most noticeably at my school Halloween Party where we put on, what critics have called, A Hallowonderful Performance! This here is a picture of me and my brother Oliver. Monday night we are going to try a new part of town for trick or treating - I'm very much looking forward to it.

Last week my Grandad stayed with us which was great. We played soccer together and he made us some very tasty food. He uses a lot of big words, but I have found a short word that I find comes in very handy, and the word is 'just'. As in just a minute, I'm just doing something, or my favourite to any request that I stop doing what I'm doing, No [you're wrong], I'm just doing this! I haven't found a word as useful as this since I discovered No.

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