Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer 2013 so far...

I just don't know what to tell you... I took some time off. I find unplugging every once and a while really clears the head, especially when the weather's awesome. Also, I'm a lot busier now that I'm five... it's a lot of responsibility. As a result, I've let my update responsibilities slide a bit, but I'll try and cover the main points (in little more than points and pics).
I finished Montessori and am set to head to Kindergarten at General Gordon Elementary in September!
Here's me walking to my last day, and at my graduation...

My Grandma got married which was great fun. I wore a bow tie and a classy shirt.
We had the best Canada Day Weekend! We went to Deep Cove, and had a Barbecue, went to a bunch of beaches, and hung out with family. 

Lastly, we just spent a week in Parksville. I rode my bike every chance I got, and Ollie learned to ride the scooter so we tore it up! I even made some new friends who taught me how to play BINGO.
I could show you more pictures of all those things, except I don't take a lot of pictures. What I do a great job of is loving life, and helping my brother whenever he needs it. It's like we're the Next Generation without the Pepsi.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

5 Years Old!

A lot has happened since I last wrote, but the biggest thing has to be that I am finally now 5 years old! I feel like I've waited most of my life for this age, and now it's finally here. With it comes a lot of new responsibilities (Dad tells me I've got to get a job), and I'm trying to embrace them all.

I had a wonderful party that started with a Saturday morning game with my t-ball team 'The Night Furries!' Grandpa brought me over a new helmet which was awesome. Then I had a party with all my friends at the indoor soccer park. It too was awesome!

After that Dad, Grandpa, Dex and I went to the Whitecaps game where they beat the LA Galaxy 3 - 1! It was a great birthday that seemed to last for days. Five promises to be the best yet, filled with song and dance, sports and schools, and family and friends. I can't wait!!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Hi Everyone, I hope all your  Springtimes have been off to a great start! It's gotten much warmer in Vancouver, and we sure hope it stays now - last Spring my Winter jacket was still seeing action on Canada Day! This will be my last Spring at Montessori so here I am showing Ollie the ropes.

Soccer's over now, and I got my first medal. Being a Hornet was awesome! I can't wait until next year!

We're spending Easter in Palm Springs at the moment and it's been so much fun!

My Dad and I spent an afternoon at Boomers where we played 18 holes of mini golf, played games in the arcade and went on the bumper boats - it was pretty terrific.

We (Mum, Dad, Ollie, Nanna & Grandpa and I) spend almost all our time at The Ace, where they have a pool, action, and a constant DJ. I've decided we're going to build a pool in the backyard at home. I just can't get enough.

Anyway, I must go as it's our last day. I hope you and yours are all having a wonderful Easter!!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Get ready for Spring 2013!

How exciting is it now that it's light when we wake up and almost stays light until bedtime!? As much as I like a good cartoon, I'm excited about more outside time and warmer weather. March is right around the corner, but February was awesome. Who doesn't like Valentines day? And Ollie and I had Nanna and Grandpa all to ourselves while Mum and Dad went away.

I'm starting to really get a handle on LEGO - I just can't imagine a life without it. My parents are pretty good, but I might be the best in the world at it now. Our Vancouver United Season is coming to an end this weekend, just as the Whitecaps Season kicks off, but there will be some camps in the Spring and Summer to be sure.

We've started really exercising the gears on the bike I got for Christmas (4th is my favourite). Dad says we're going to ride through Pacific Rim Park (Endowment Lands) a few times a month now. It's awesome in there - plus I have new riding gloves (only for riding).

And, in case you guys don't recognize me, this is how I look after my haircut at VICTORY Barbers.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Denver... Gorgeous

I hope everyone's had a great start to the new year! This month was off to a bit of a slow start, but on the 10th of January, I went on a work trip with my Dad to Denver! We took 2 planes to get there and 2 planes to get back, and we had a big hotel room and shared a huge bed. Get this, the hotel had free breakfast in the mornings, and cookies and milk (and tea for Dad) every night between 8 and 10pm.

My Dad did have the occasional 'meeting' (yawn) but we managed to eat all our meals together and we even went to a Denver Nuggets Basketball Game!! We got seats right close to the floor and sat beside a family who were clearly big fans, and really well connected. I even did 'rocks' with the shooting guard Corey Brewer (he's my favourite player).

We thought we were going to be late for the game, but we hopped in a pedicab and were there in a flash. It was so neat to weave in and out of traffic (although a little cold).

The next day we took a drive to Boulder, and that's where I saw a life size Spiderman! He wasn't real, but it was hard to tell for sure at first. My memory of Boulder? Great Pizza, Spiderman and Coooold.

On our way back to Denver that afternoon we stopped by an old friend of my Dad's place for dinner. More awesome pizza, but more importantly... three kids!! I mean my Dad's fine and all, but after a few days, I needed to be around some people that speak my language: LEGO, bouncy castles, funny jokes, jumping etc.

The next day we took our two planes and made it home in one piece. I was so happy to see my brother again. We were both so excited to be reunited.
All in all, Denver is great, The Nuggets rule, Spiderman is real and it's nice to be home.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

What a Season! What a Month! What a Year! 
After weeks and weeks of practice, our school concert went off without a hitch!

I kept up with my colouring and completed a ton of Christmas crafts with Mum for Christmas presents.

I even learnt how to dance slide, which has been great for guests and general home based performances.

And speaking of sliding a bunch of us went ice skating before Christmas! This here is what we call The Bailey Train! (They didn't have skates small enough for Ollie.)

We had Christmas in Victoria again - it seems the days of Christmas in warm climates are gone - although it's probably easier for Santa to get to our colder climates. We went over to Victoria in Jer's Christmas Car which was decorated with lights, bows and a red nose.

I trust you all had a wonderful December and Christmas. Ollie and I were pretty impressed with Santa's visit - I had to explain it to Ollie a bit, but I'm pretty sure he got it. Most importantly... I got a new bike! With hand breaks and SEVEN Gears! Just like my Dad's!

We've had a great time this Christmas, although I'm kind of looking forward to getting back to school. Just a couple more days of holiday left, but we're using it wisely. After a slow start, we got up to Seymour Mountain today which was awesome. That's me in the picture... last one off the sled hills. 

Anyway, thanks for a great year, I'm off to bed to get as much rest as I can for 2013!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm Four and a Half

I hope you're well, and having a good late Fall. Let me remind you that Christmas is on the way - this will be my 5th, and Ollie's 2nd. I am very excited - even though I'm older. I can't imagine ever not being excited about Christmas.
We had our team pictures for Vancouver United last week - it was very organized, and so quick. I'll post the pictures when they get them out to us. Soccer is going well, although it's getting colder. It's been great having my Dad as an Asst Coach, although I've never played soccer anywhere without him giving advice and offering encouragement - I wonder if I'll ever get tired of that...

Also last week, I finally got my haircut at my Dad's barber - I'm not sure what the big deal was, it was easy. Travis did a great job - although he had an awful lot of Dublin hair to work with. He's a class act that gentleman.

I also went on my first Ferris Wheel this past weekend. It was an hour wait, but well worth it - it was so high! It was just awesome. I think it might have been my Dad's first as well - he didn't seem to enjoy it very much... 'too much swinging' he said. It was also my Mum's birthday this past weekend. We had a wonderful dinner for her, and I bought her some beautiful pink shoes. She loves them!

So far it's been a delightful Fall, with pretty good weather. I almost forgot!! After all that swimming, I have now passed my Sea Otter, and my Salamander levels - you're looking at a brand new SUNFISH!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Fall Family

What a wonderful October we've had! The weather's been changing, the colours, the light, everything! It's now officially Halloween, and I've had my school concert, for which I was the legendary Batman! Here's Batman, sans mask, eating pizza, checking out the situation. Tonight, I'll be doing a number of Halloween excursions, and I threw my Mum a late curveball wanting now to be a BAT! She came through - pictures to come!

We went to Whidbey Island again with some friends. It's so great out there! Here's Liam and I on the trampoline. Then later we picked fruit in their orchard... who has an orchard?

My brother Ollie actually walked on his own for the first time earlier this month on Whidbey - he posted a video here
Later in the month I went to a good friend's birthday party at a swimming pool - it was all 7 and 8 year old girls - girls are CRAZY!

I also am doing tons of new things at school like French, Math and Printing - here's my wall.

We actually had some professional family photos taken for the first time ever this month too, but I'll show you some of those next time too. Until next time... Hooray!!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Flying into Fall

Well, it's been seven weeks since my last confession. As a courtesy I'll tell you that the most important update is that my brother Ollie turned one year old a couple of weeks ago. He's got multiple chicklets in his mouth and is getting to a size where we actually have a good time playing together. Put it this way, he laughs at all my jokes. 

I'm now a senior at my school, and have started swimming classes again (5th set). I've also joined a proper soccer team in the shape of Vancouver United... I'm kind of thinking it's where Wayne Rooney started. For real. Anyway, it's a new set up for me, but I have a pair of friends on my team and I score the odd goal (with either foot).
I've been to a couple more Whitecaps games with my Dad (and his friends) and now sing most of the songs, and we even went to Seattle to see the caps play. 'We're Blue! We're White! We're super dynamite!
I already know what I'm going as for Halloween, I'm trying to master my printing at school, and I have now entered the 'posters on my bedroom wall' phase. Lastly, we bought a new couch (but still no race car).

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer in the City

Hi Everyone! I hope you're all having a terrific summer. We've certainly been getting the weather for it. After we got home from The Continent we had our end of year celebration at school (still commonly referred to as khool). Yep, I wore a bow tie again - it's kind of my thing now.

Days after, I managed to cross something off my bucket list... I got up close and personal with a tow truck! I even got to ride in it for about half an hour! Dad wasn't quite as thrilled by the experience, but it was all pretty ok in the end.

It's been the perfect weather for bike riding and one Saturday, my Dad and I rode down Arbutus - on the Street! - and down to the beach, and along the water to Go Fish for dinner with Nanna and Grandpa. It was pretty epic.

We're back full time into Saturday morning soccer classes with Coach Glyn, and I've been going later in the day to play with the older kids. A couple of weeks ago, I scored eight goals... For Real! Here's a picture of one now.

Early July, we went with the Robinson family to Chain Lake! It was the best, forever. No one seemed interested in taking pictures, but here's one that the paparazzi got of me kayaking... that's right. I take out single kayaks now.... For Real!

But one mustn't forget the simple, comfortable things in life. A couple of mornings ago I went and had a steamed milk with the boys after helping Grandpa install a new cabinet at my khool. It was cool.