Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2 functional arms?

What a morning! This morning I went to see some professional blue people at my old stomping ground - The Hospitall right. They wanted to see how my broken arm was healing. Doc unwrapped the splint, had a look, and was seemingly bored with how well it was coming along. His instructions were to 'use it like you do your other arm'. It's a little crooked, but he assured my parents that it will be perfect, and we won't even remember which arm it was.  
For nostalgia, we shared a moment looking at my x-rays from when I was an hour old - if I could only talk to that little guy, and reassure him that everything was gonna be fine. 
We have to go back in 3 months to ensure there's no nerve damage, but I told him that 3 months from now, I'll probably be too busy signing autographs for my sweet guitar playing.  
When we got back, I had my first proper bath, sans splint. It was actually kinda rad - I have no issues with the water.


Unknown said...

Dublin you rule! You are the sweetest little bundle I've ever seen. It's been so great getting to spend time with you even though every time I put you on my lap you seem to have a large explosion in your underpants. I guess you're just relaxed around me. Well I can't wait to see you again my little buddy and give you a squeeze and kiss on your sweet little baby smelling oh so cute head! xoxoxox Jenn #2

Chris Roan said...

Baby 2.0!