Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I forgot to mention that we had a lovely family stroll around the block a couple of days ago. To be honest I slept for most of it, but the parts I remember, I found to be quite refreshing. (Check out my sweet hoody from my man Keith. And yes, those are pandas on my feet - just doing my part to raise awareness.)
My GrandmaBon is over today, which is lovely. And there was another Jen here yesterday who helped my Mum. Imagine... 2 Jens - madness. I've noticed that Dad has disappeared during the day, the last 2 days. Strange that - can't imagine what he's up to.
I'm told that tomorrow we head back to the hospital for the blue people to look at my arm again. This will be my second x-ray in less than 3 weeks (I sure hope they're covering my bits when they take those). I'll let you know how it goes.

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