Monday, May 26, 2008

In the beginning...

So far it's been a wild ride to say the least. I had a rough couple of days 2 weekends ago, but got to know a bunch of my family a little better, and made some lovely new friends. (It seems that people are forever traveling with gifts - I swear I haven't met a single person without one.)
I should really start by saying thank you to everyone. I've had some wonderful help during this vital time of development. People are helping feed my parents (and therefore me), I've got a lovely wardrobe already, and have talked to a lot of interesting new friends.
In terms of an update, I'm eating and sleeping, screaming and burping, pooping and thinking, staring and kicking, and meeting and greeting. I was born 10lbs 3oz, but at today's weigh-in ceremony I managed to pack on another pound! I'm pretty sure my arm is on the mend - although I don't ever worry about it as it seems my parents do more than enough for all of us.
On the subject of 'the parentals', they seem pretty nice - although at times they're a little slow on the uptake (I don't think they get enough sleep).
More soon, at the moment I fancy a bite...

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