Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Doctor Doctor

I saw Dr.Leslie again today - this was my second visit with her, so we caught up a little before we got into the personals and nakedness. For the numberbods out there, I'm about 21 lbs and just over 75 cm tall. After dropping a couple of points in the size percentiles a couple of months ago (mirroring the economy), I'm right back at the top again. As far as she was concerned, everything seems to be in perfect working order. 'Seems?' I said - oh, how we laughed.
As a general update, I'm eating all sorts of things now: yams (very tasty), rice cereal (sure), oatmeal (really nice), plastic feeder jets (good for cleansing), apple/oatmeal/banana breakfast cereal (okay), avocado (what are you punishing me for?), water (Sweet Jesus, that's a delicious beverage). In terms of crawling, I'm not there yet, but man, do I have the reverse-push taken care of. Go ahead and throw a big'ole check mark by that one.

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