Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's no mystery that we're hosting the biggest party Vancouver has ever seen. Me and my little family have been going downtown on weekends and wow has it been busy, noisy and exciting. Above is a shot of me entertaining a group of foreigners with a move I like to call Hands in Pockets Tableau. Below was when we watched the torch go by our house - big crowds, and even more exciting... big trucks!
As an update, development seems to be on schedule - my training is a little inconsistent but we're getting there, I have full command of my thumbs for signalling up or down, and my Dad got World Cup England tickets. Wait... I mean my vocabulary is growing by the hour (latest additions include hockey, taxi, Rooney and hypothalamus).
I'll leave it there for now as we've all been a touch under the weather (nautical) and I should get my rest.
Go Canada!

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