Monday, March 8, 2010

Dublin does Arizona... from A to Zoo.

My mum and I had the pleasure of spending a week with a pair of my grandparents in Phoenix and the surrounding areas this week (we'll fly home tomorrow). My Dad even joined us for a few days after making a surprise appearance one morning. Let me walk you through some of the highlights...
The zoo was amazing - giraffes, baboons, rhinos... surely I've now seen all the animals on the planet.
We then went to see The Suns play The Pacers. This was my first NBA game since learning the game. It was tremendously exciting and loud. So many people sitting so close to each other, I wondered if they were all my relatives.
Later on, we spent a wonderful day in the sun where I met and enjoyed some cousins. Chuck and Barb have more cow pets than anyone I've ever met in my life, and more cool vehicles.
(I'm not saying don't mess with me, I'm just suggesting you really give it some thought first.)
As Chuck and I were talking business, he filled me in on something I had long suspected: When driving, honking is the most important responsibility of the driver, or the assistant driver.
Throughout the trip we visited many excellent restaurants and coffee houses which was great fun.
When dining, I did my best to finish everything on my plate at each sitting, and when in coffee establishments, I did my best to think about architecture, time travel and man's search for meaning.
But no matter where you are, when you see a chocolate cupcake, I've found it's always important to let someone know.

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