Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thoughts of a 22 month old...

While I sat on this old yellow train as it slowly rumbled through the Arizona desert, I thought about all the things this old iron horse has seen. She's probably seen her fill of change, not to mention the first hand witness of events some of us can only read about: The Salt River floods of 1980, the height of Obey Giant that decorated her in the mid '90s or the Phoenix Lights of '97.
On the eve of my 22nd month birthday, it got me thinking about the things I've seen. Call it a kaleidoscope of excitement, blessings and friendship. So much so, it's sometimes a struggle to take it all in.
Anyway, I hope your last 22 months have been as fun and exciting as mine have, and that the next 22 are even more so.

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