Sunday, March 28, 2010

Intelligent Juicing

I hope everyone had a good Earth Hour last night. I certainly did my part. Although I was mostly asleep, I left strict instructions to have my night lights, dehumidifier and tanning bed unplugged - those things suck the juice even if they're turned off.
As I was drawing up my Earth Hour plan over lunch on Saturday, it occurred to me that doing this sort of thing once a year is a little ridiculous. I was flipping through a recent issue of NatG (National Geographic's publication for 1 - 3s), and after digesting a piece on obesity in 6 month old domesticated dachshunds, I stumbled on a delicious article suggesting that until the grocery store shelves are bare, and water doesn't come out of the tap, the West will never really be proactive on Earth matters.
So maybe next Earth Hour, governments around the globe can make it mandatory, and flick the big switch for an hour... except for hospitals... and ice cream parlours.

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